endless us

I love the view of things undone, like linens on a bed, and maybe people also. To me, this photograph evokes one of some memories of a short second, inaccurate and furtive, the ones we try to remember ardently and to keep. As well, these memories could be something sensorial, a kind of tactile memory. I just remember.


unending staring

It's all about a certain tenderness. There is something strong brought to some delicacy, and to the laziness due to the different attitude adopted by the two persons - underlined by the details of the arm placed with nonchalance around the shoulders, and the head that rests gently. Anyway, I like the presence - still perceivable whereas the face is partially erased by the shadow - highlighted by a strong stare.



While a bed should be a resting place, this could be also the place where we think the most. This is where a person could leave a corporal scent, a body heat, or just where a loud absenteeism could leave some memories, and then, let ourselves in a deep solitude. Anyway, before to sleep, I think of you. Everytime I do.


foggy ville

Framing is not my thing but I tried to do my best. It's all about the mist, dull colors and cold materials.



I always wanted to be new somewhere. I love that feeling to know only a few things, people and places, and a bit lost somewhere. Indeed, her great presence half strong and half detached makes me feel this. Also, it's like if I was hearing this girl, vaguely here thanks to her stare, breathing as the atmosphere seems to be loudly quiet. Anyway, colors don't match together, whatever - sigh.