le manque

When I look to these photographs, it's like there's a lack of feelings and emotions. Anyway, this blandness suits me.


off white

I like the composition of these photographs, especially the black silhouette punctuating the off white emptiness. Moreover, many things in this house - whose we only perceive a tiny piece of - remind me a bit of the regional approach of Desert Modernism. Indeed, in my memories, outdoor elements flirted with the living spaces, then became incorporated into the overall design. Simple lines are never devoid of meaning or a coincidence, but well thought.


remembrance of embrace

I never really expect to take pictures of people because I don't know what I really want to bring out from a person. Nonetheless, here are some of these rare that arouse in me something warm and sincere, no matter these photographs may seem trivial and so-easy to take. This is true, I felt like and still feel like, I don't know, but whatever, that's all that matters.


home far from home

click : “ I wish I could be there, see you everyday, I don't have to call you.

These photographs are pretty dark, I guess I'm the only one to force my eyes to rediscover these faces and places.